[MOD][HOW-TO] 在快捷按钮中增加“手电筒” [4.3]






  1. SystemUI.apk
  2. SecSettings.apk
  3. Notepad++ 或其他文本编辑器 (请勿使用系统自带的“记事本”软件)
  4. apktool 或 baksmali+smali 或 VTS等等能够反编译的工具


第1步: 修改 SystemUI.apk

  1. Decompile SystemUI.apk and navigate to com/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/quicksetting in your file browser
  2. Copy and paste FlashlightQuickSettingButton.smali (flashlight_files.zip/SystemUI/FlashlightQuickSettingButton.smali) into this folder
  3. Navigate to SystemUI/res/drawable-xhdpi (or SystemUI/res/drawable-xxhdpi depending on your device)
  4. Copy and paste the two pngs (tw_quick_panel_icon_flashlight_off.png and tw_quick_panel_icon_flashlight_on.png) from the SystemUI folder of the attachment into the decompiled drawable folder you opened above
  5. Now navigate to SystemUI/res/values and open the strings.xml with your text editor
  6. Search for “quickpanel_flashlight_text”. If it does not exist anywhere in the file, add this to the bottom of your strings.xml file (before the of course)

  7. Now we need to generate public.xml values for the files you added so compile the SystemUI.apk at this point and then decompile it again
  8. Navigate to SystemUI/res/values and open the public.xml with your text editor
  9. Now find the lines for the three resources you added (search in the file) and write down the ids for each. The ids will be in the form 0x12345678

  10. Now navigate to com/android/systemui/statusbar/policy/quicksetting and open FlashlightQuickSettingButton.smali with your text editor
  11. Now go to to the constructor (search for .method public constructor ) and you will see the following three lines of code

    These lines reference the resource ids for the flashlight toggle text, on image, and off image respectively. Use the comments indicating which is which and replace the ids that are currently there with the ids that you wrote down above.
  12. Now recompile SystemUI.apk and move on to step 2. At this point, the toggle will show up in the full toggles view (when you add “;Flashlight” to the CscFeature… or to the notification_panel_active_app_list in /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/settings.db) in the status bar, but Settings will FC if you try to go into edit mode/rearrange toggles mode



Step 2: 修改 SecSettings.apk

  1. Decompile SecSettings and navigate to com/android/settings
  2. Open NotificationPanelMenu.smali and search for the method “.method private makeConvertPanelName”
  3. Make sure that the following lines are present somewhere in the makeConvertPanelName method. Notice that they are NOT the same, but indeed very similar.

    If the 8 lines above are not anywhere in the

    method, then add them to the end of the method before the

  4. Now save the file and close it and navigate to SecSettings/res/values/strings.xml
  5. Add the following line to your strings.xml if it does not already exist (yes, it has the same name as the image. That’s supposed to happen so don’t worry)

  6. Save and close strings.xml and navigate to SecSettings/res/drawable-xhdpi or drawable-xxhdpi depending on your device
  7. Extract the notification_panel_flashlight.png from attachment.zip/SecSettings and copy it into the drawable folder from above
  8. Finally, recompile SecSettings with your modifications

下面是最后一步,将修改好的 SecSettings.apk, SystemUI.apk 和 来自附件中的Torch.apk 一并加入 /system/app 文件夹下!


Samsung for the AT&T base code this was pulled from!
Rompnit for finding the at&t code and the first part of the mod!
Google for the wonderful logcat tool built into Android that allowed me to figure out the second part of the mod!!

[教程]如何将Omega ROM(或其他ROM)移植给S版S4 (L720)


If my translation/port infringes your copyright or something alike, please contact me and I will remove this post immediately.


1. 下载 Omega Rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=2253528

需要后续步骤使用 Notepad++
2. 打开ROM(.zip文件),在build.prop最后加入如下一行  (system/build.prop)

# Use CDMALTE Phone


3. 刷写修改好的ROM,必要时刷写适用于自己机型的固件.

4. Enjoy 

Sacs_Custiom_Rom 4.3_v5.6 自用版 [20140210]

查看旧版本下载地址及信息请至: http://blog.dayandcarrot.net/?p=846




关于3minit Setting,可以参考这个中文翻译:http://blog.dayandcarrot.net/?p=992






老大我又来了,这次带来了 3minit settings s4 0.5版最新版的完美汉化直装版。汉化程序达到100%,使用正常,欢迎大家测试使用!如果需要转发请注明QQ49035990 C网ID:ZZZZXXXX 下载地址:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQeLyts





  • 更新至v5.6
  • 修复细小问题



  • 更新至v5.5
  • 修改3minit的默认设置,状态栏在没有设置的情况下保持官方风格(从旧版升级的童鞋,可能需要在系统的应用程序设置中清楚3minit setting的缓存)



  • 更新至作者的v5.4
  • 修复本地化导致的一些bug
  • 修复灯光效果问题




v5.6 changelog

-removed bloat again if u need any of the bloat please take it out of v5.5 删除5.5版中一些无用的东西
-added 4.4 lockscreen weather 增加4.4锁屏天气插件
-added 4.4 fonts 增加4.4字体
-used stock phone apk added note 3 incoming notifications in settings 使用官方的phone.apk程序,设置中增加note3来电提醒
-added custom settings in phone apk 在phone.apk程序中增加自定义设置(貌似是通话录音的)
-cleaned up settings.apk 清理Settings.apk
-fixed data issues 修复数据连接问题
-cleaned up build prop 清理build.prop
-added one more clock widget 增加一个附加的时钟插件(本地化版本中已删去)
-added more options in mms.apk mms.apk中增加附加选项
-added new updated 3minit 升级3minit设置
-removed all permissions from lidroid 删除力卓的权限设置
-fixed loud sound moderate sound in aroma 修复Aroma音量增强选项
-and more ill put up later


5.3/5.4 change log

fixed pretty much everything that was broken 修复之前版本中损坏的项目
kept note 3 settings but added missing settings 保留Note3的设置程序,但增加了丢失的一些设定
added new 3minit framework 增加新的3minit框架
added new sound app and check out what happens when u plug earphones in thanks Rizal Lovins 新的声音程序
added fixed multiview 修复多窗口
added modified framework-res for speed and disabled warnings 修改框架提速,禁用音量过大提醒
added note3 keyboard with auto correct fixed 增加Note3的输入法,修复自动单词修正
Added safety assurance  增加“安全保固”
Added security settings 增加安全设置
Added Google backup for pics 增加谷歌图标备份
added enterprise support let me know if it works 增加企业支持
added htc sense theme in aroma thanks cerj for getting this to work for us and thanks sbreen AROMA中增加HTC主题支持
enabled all wifi settings in advance 启用所有进阶WIFI设置
Enable PRL Write & Remove ##DEBUG# lock code promp thanks digiblur 支持PRL读写
readded lidroid removed telocommunications 重新加入力卓设置
fixed all settings 修复所有设置项
added new sound apk 加入新的声音程序
fixed lidroid phone fc and lidroid settings 修复力卓电话FC问题以及力卓设置




豌豆荚截图20140117143557 豌豆荚截图20140117143616豌豆荚截图20140117143700豌豆荚截图20140117143732

豌豆荚截图20140117143714 豌豆荚截图20140117143635



v5.6 http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntBHpuL

v5.5ultra http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c0ve42O

v5.4  http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntBaXHB



[固件][ODIN] Sprint L720 MK2 modem固件 {12/8/13}



Finally a way to flash modems/firmwares without needing to take the OTA!! This means no losing Root, no losing Recovery, no data wipe, just strictly updating the Firmware!!

This is FIRMWARE ONLY, not any data or system files, this will not put your device up to the latest ROM or add any features like samsung/sprint list out in their update releases. This is ONLY the firmware bits. (Modem, NON-HLOS, bootloader, sbl2, sbl3, tz, etc.)

这是固件文件,而并非任何data或系统文件,这会不会把你的设备升级至最新的ROM,这仅仅是Modem以及其他一些引导文件(不含bootloader的升级)。 (调制解调器,NANHLOS,引导程序,SBL2,SBL3,TZ等)

The firmwares are listed in the second post.

What you need需要什么:

  1. An extracted FirmwareAIO.tar.md5 from the second post下面下载连接中的Firmware文件
  2. Odin (I used 3.07, but I am pretty sure others work too)
  3. A PC… (duh)
  4. Sprint Galaxy S4
  5. A brain

Here is the procedure下面详述过程:

  1. Power OFF the phone (do not use reboot to download mode, do a full power off).手机关机(请勿直接重启至Download模式)
  2. Hold down the Volume down key and then press and hold the power Key.按下音量减+开机键,以开机至Download模式
  3. When the screen lights up, release both.屏幕亮起时,松开按键
  4. Press Volume up to Continue past the first screen, you should now be in Download Mode.按下音量加键以继续进入Download模式
  5. Plug the phone into the PC with Odin.将手机与电脑连接,打开Odin程序
  6. Fire up Odin and select the modem tar.md5 file with the PDA button.点击”PDA”按钮选择解压好的.md5后缀的文件
  7. 取消勾选”Auto Reboot”选项
  8. Click Start and Let it flash until it’s done.点击”start”开始刷写
  9. when you see PASS on Odin, unplug the phone and Hold the Power key for 10 seconds to reboot.看到PASS字样时,按住电源键10秒关机,然后重启。

MK2 Firmware – Download Link (Firmware Only – No KNOX BootLoader)

MK2 Mirror 1 – Download Link (Firmware Only – No KNOX BootLoader)

MJA Firmware – Download Link (Firmware Only – No KNOX BootLoader)

MJA Mirror 1 – Download Link (Firmware Only – No KNOX BootLoader)

Sprint MF9 Firmware – Download Link

MF9 Mirror 1 – Download Link

Sprint MDL Firmware – Download Link

MDL Mirror 1 – Download Link

Sprint MDC Firmware – Download Link

MDC Mirror 1 – Download Link

如何合并.tar.a .tar.b .tar.c文件


一个system.ext4.tar是0kb的,另外有3个system.ext4.tar.a system.ext4.tar.b system.ext4.tar.c的文件倒是有,不过用tar打开的时候发现压缩文件是不完整的~然后就想到了这三个文件可能组合起来才是一个完整的吧~




for windows users it would be using TYPE in DOS



type system.ext4.tar.a system.ext4.tar.b system.ext4.tar.c >> system.ext4.tar



type file1 file2 file3 file4 file5 >> your_final_file.tar

Sacs_Custom_ROM_4.3_Lite s4.1简化版



  • Android 4.3(适配各种基带)/TouchWiz
  • 保留大部分常用的三星原装程序
  • 同步功能完整保留
  • 三网支持/自动设置APN [技术所限目前需要*#*#4636#*#*切换网络]
  • 来电归属地显示:通话、通话记录、短信
  • T9智能拼音拨号/IP电话支持





谢谢 {无情} 的捐助!


Sacs_Custiom_Rom 4.3_v5.4 自用版 



 关于3minit Setting,可以参考这个中文翻译:http://blog.dayandcarrot.net/?p=992

豌豆荚截图20131117135656 豌豆荚截图20131117135719



  1. “设置”里的一些内容是否需要汉化
  2. 电源菜单里面的重启什么的是否需要汉化
  3. 是否有必要做一个像之前s4.1那样的精简版
  4. 后续的更新包中期待什么改进?



  • 更新至作者的v5.3 updated(修复力卓设置的一些问题)


  • 更新至原作者的v5.3(这版问题其实还是挺多)
  • 汉化高级重启菜单的按钮
  • 汉化3minit 设置(Play市场下载的汉化不来抱歉啦,只能先汉化个精简版的)
  • 设置–连接中 增加 话机信息 (就是4636那个东西),临时网络切换解决方案
  • 更换“设置”程序为S4版本的,去掉那些奇怪的选项,修复语言更改跳出的问题
  • 汉化设置中的一些项目

fixed pretty much everything that was broken
kept note 3 settings but added missing settings
added new 3minit framework
added new sound app and check out what happens when u plug earphones in thanks Rizal Lovins
added fixed multiview
added modified framework-res for speed and disabled warnings
added note3 keyboard with auto correct fixed
Added safety assurance
Added security settings
Added Google backup for pics
added enterprise support let me know if it works
added htc sense theme in aroma thanks cerj for getting this to work for us and thanks sbreen
enabled all wifi settings in advance
guys theres more ill update this later


  • 更新至原作者的v5.2
  • 替换S-Voice为中文版(打开S-Voice时如果是英文,按菜单键(Home左侧那个),Setting,里面有语言设置的)

V5.2 Changelog

i dont know where to start lol

-added ink effect in settings now u can pick what color u want must be in ripple effect in lockscreen thanks so much to mythtrandyr 加入锁屏的墨水效果,当选择涟漪锁屏特效时可以附加选择墨水颜色

-added greenify back into settings as requested 设置中加回Greenify(绿色守护)程序

-added new lockscreen effect watercolour in settings

-added note 3 multi window 使用Note3的多窗口模式

-added added multi window quad screen 加入4窗口(多窗口)支持

-added floating multi window 加入浮动多窗口支持

-added new note 3 settings with search 使用Note3的“设置”界面,包含搜索功能

-added weather in lockscreen 锁屏中可以显示天气(我貌似无法打开,不知道你们如何)

-added updated 3minit framework 增加更新过的3minit框架

-added google fix 加入Google功能修复

-added multi window manager so u can enable all apps 加入多窗口管理器,什么程序都能够多窗口了

-added new note 3 gallery 使用Note3的相册软件

-added lidroid to new 3minit 加入力卓到3minit中

-added new settings in lidroid settings left top of status bar qill take u back to home right side will lock screen
u can remove this on / off in lidroid settings 使用时,按状态栏左上角相当于Home键(这个我没试成功),按右上角会锁屏。可以在力卓(lidroid)设置中修改选项

-added one hand operation guys only keyboard and calculator works ill add more later 加入官方键盘、计算器的单手操作选项

-added data quicksettings icon back in 在快捷按钮中加回“移动数据”

-added faster pull down times thanks Mr.Nigma… 这个不会翻译抱歉

-added note3 and stock s4 wallpapers in aroma Aroma安装程序中可以选择加入Note3以及S4的默认壁纸

-guys u will get a fc on boot for systemui but no worries just click ok it will never happen again 兄弟们~在第一次启动时可能会有System UI的强退,不过这个只会发生一次,不要惊慌,按OK就行

guys theres so much more i added but ill let u guys look and find out 


  • 更新至原作者的v5.1 updated版
  • 删除一些无用的小插件

V5.1 changelog

added lidroid tweaks in settings
added intergration with lidroid and 3minit
added beats enabler in settings (thank u RockoDev)
removed broken launchers in aroma
updated more apps
added new cleaning app in settings
added lidroid cpu real time in status bar this can be turned off or on from lidroid settings
added lidroid 29 icons u can go back to stock from lidroid settings
added real time data in status bar this can be turned off or on from lidroid settings
added telecomunications
added memory cleaner in pulldown this can be turned off or on from lidroid settings
added new theme in exdialer
and alot more i dont remember guys this update was really tough and took alot of code to get both tweaks to work
and like always theres more to come 


  • 更新至原作者的v5.0版(基于官方最新MK2固件)
  • 本地化的 电话、短信、通讯录程序 重新修改,基于最新版本
  • Sprint的自带程序全部删光光
  • 优化一些细节

 注意:如果需要更改状态栏的布局,请去GooglePlay下载最新版的3minit setting程序



  • 更新至原作者的v4.3版

V4.3 change log

fixed screen on off issue修复屏幕开/关问题

removed script for deep sleep移除深度睡眠的脚本

added font pack to aroma

added note3 apps to pick individually Note3的程序可以单独选择

removed lockscreen locks causing to many issues will add later 移除出现问题的关屏锁

added new script for battery 优化耗电的脚本

added missing widgets and samsung apks in sysstem/app 加入上个版本中忘记加入的一些程序及插件

theres more but ill update later



  • 更新至原作者的4.2版本

V4.2 Changelog

removed alot more bloat

added battery changer on the fly thanks OsamaGhareeb located system/display :电池样式的设置在”系统设置”->“显示”底下有,可以更换电池图标样式

added 3mint settings and app ( 第一次开启时点击“System”页面会出现FC,等他自己关掉后第二次开启或者重启后第二次开启以后就正常了,里面可以设置高级重启菜单的项目的

fixed edit draw in pics

fixed stock email

fixed google wallet with pay tab

added stock modded kernel thanks Unknownforce for it

added crt off effect

brand new deep sleep scripts thanks Kobridge

guys im sure theres alot more but ill update this again later


20131120 晚更新:

  • 修复4.0版各种问题


20131117 19:18 v4.0.1更新:

  • 修复缺少日历程序/更新的问题
  • 增加官方的动态壁纸



  • 原生来电归属地(请到通话设置里自己先下载最新的归属地数据库)/IP拨号
  • 通话记录归属地
  • 短信归属地
  • 更新到作者的v4版.原作者已经加了通话录音了,貌似还不错~
  • 三网自动APN设置
  • 删除了语音信箱(比较恼人)
  • 日历中添加了中国节日
  • 拨号的时候支持T9
  • 短信黑名单(短信拦截)
  • “找回我的手机”功能,在设置——》安全设置中

原ROM可能有bug: 关机后开启时,第一次开WiFi可能搜不到网络,把WiFi关掉后几秒再开启即可。我也不知道是啥问题,好像每次重启过后就会这样一次,一次之后又正常 了。。希望是我个例吧


重要提示:请使用PhilZ Touch Recovery刷ROM注意:如果不是这个Recovery的,请做好相关备份,WIPE DATA(FACTORY RESET)后,使用先用Odin刷入这个Recovery

如果开机一直重启,那么原因很可能是你没有WIPE DATA(FACTORY RESET),或者使用了CWM Recovery, TWRP Recovery。


重要提示:从V3或者以前的版本只Wipe Cache更新到V4的话,可能会出现插件/邮箱程序FC的情况甚至开机直接重启,解决办法是设置里面清空出问题的应用的缓存。当然了如果你不知道我说的是啥意思,做好备份,在ROM安装过程中(Aroma界面内)使用Wipe Data(Factory Reset)的选项刷ROM。

刷机提示Bad Recovery:在Recovery里重启到Recovery一趟,或者拔电池开机音量+和电源键一起按启动到Recovery就能解决啦。



谢谢 {无情} 的捐助!


















bug修复:缺少日历小部件  卡顿修复